You’re probably wondering why there is a picture of the starting gate at Saratoga Race Track

Starting Gate Saratoga

Starting Gate Saratoga Race Track

on the About page of a tennis blogging site.  Well, I grew up in a small hamlet outside of Saratoga Springs, NY and for all intents and purposes, Saratoga is where I call home and the Sport of Kings; horse racing is what Saratoga is all about.

I left the Saratoga area for bits and pieces of time due to travels related to military (marriage) and work but always managed to make it back to where I felt I belonged.

Saratoga Springs, NY also known as the “August Place To Be”  thrives on thoroughbred racing and racing in Saratoga is King.  Having close proximity by being a native resident is how I started a 13 year career in the racing industry.  I traveled to race tracks all across the country and had the extreme privilege to work for three Hall of Fame trainers, Neil Drysdale based out of California, Flint “S” Scotty Schulhofer trainer of Cryptoclearance based out of NY and the late, great, beloved H. Allen Jerkens also based out of New York.  Allen was old school horse racing and was the personification of everything that made me love racing.  It was fun and rare experience traveling around the country doing something that I love.

I’ve lived in New Jersey, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and California, but traveled to many other states for business for shorter periods of time.

When it came time to raise children, it became time to settle down.  I traded my horse gear for IT equipment and worked in the IT field for 23 years.  One of the more startling enigmas I encountered in the IT world was why I didn’t encounter more women in IT; especially since the field has such a wide berth of choices in which to specialize. I still wonder that today, but am heartened by seeing a few more female faces in my computer related classes here at HVCC.

If I couldn’t live in Saratoga, I would love to live in Europe, the Netherlands or Holland whichever name you prefer.  bikes-in-netherlandsIn my opinion, European life style is relaxed and much more “taking the time to love life” oriented. I enjoy the slower tempo and the mentally and physically healthier lifestyles that make up the everyday.  You can really get used to riding fietsen (bikes) everyday everywhere in a short period of time and the sights are spectacular.

There are more than 13 million bikes in Holland which has a population of approximately 16.5 million people.  I rode and average of 15 miles per day when I was on vacation there and on more than one day that number topped 35 miles in a day.

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