Why I Play Tennis

I started playing tennis about 8 years ago.  Shortly after I began my two oldest daughters also decided to play and now tennis has grown into a full-blown family adventure. When I first started I was looking for something that would provide me with mental challenges as well as provide exercise, social interaction and would also be something that I could work at to play for the rest of my life.  Tennis checked off all three of those requirements. Adding my daughters to the mix just made the game that much more fun.

Head Tennis Racket

We started honing the necessary skill set at the local YMCA in Wilton, NY and eventually branched out to private lessons with some of the local area tennis pros.  Once you get the fundamentals down the natural progression becomes being picked up for a team to play on competitively.

We all joined both the United States Tennis Associate (USTA) and Mylan World Team Tennis (WTT) and have traveled all over the country watching and competing in sectionals and national qualifiers.  My daughters qualified for Nationals in WTT which took us to Indian Wells, CA and provided them with the opportunity to meet Billy Jean King.  Once you play for a team and get a taste of playing to win and not just for fun, you’re hooked!

Now all three of us tend to compete on about 4-5 teams between USTA and WTT in various age and level flights.

We also belong to a handful of leagues that are not competitive as far as post season play but are an excellent source of practice against skilled players.


One thought on “Why I Play Tennis

  1. Agreed! My why is I wanted something for myself. I wanted something that would tap into my competitiveness and wanting to learn something new. I played field hockey, basketball, and softball but I will admit it my body was “too old” to try some of the more intense sports that required a high endurance level. One day my mom said, “hey want to try tennis with me?” so I did. I am glad I tried it because I LOVE playing tennis. Since starting I have found a new community of enthusiasts like myself that have a strong love of the game from watching to playing tennis. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner, but I am glad I started when I did and am thankful for the experience I have gained from competitive play on many different levels. The biggest reason I love playing tennis is it’s something I get to share my experiences with my mom and sister. Together we have traveled to various locations throughout the states to compete. Mom was there to watch my sister and I compete in Sectionals and Nationals. She has a honor of her own- for all 8 years she’s competed she has made it to Sectionals every year and multiple times. This is no easy feat by any means and I couldn’t be proud of our families accomplishments that started out as a hey lets try this! 10S4Life


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